What Should I Bring To A Kid’s Potluck

What Should I Bring To A Kid’s Potluck

Your kiddo has started going to school. So, you have to think of different tiffin for him or her. Isn’t it a little frustrating thinking about what to make every day?  And when it comes to kid’s potluck, you feel helpless!

Okay, being a mom, I can certainly understand your situation. It is not easy to impress the kids. They are fussy and choosy too. Do not scratch your head too much. Instead, go through the list of ideas that I am going to share here.

What Should I Bring To A Kid’s Potluck
What Should I Bring To A Kid’s Potluck

Taco Cups

If you have tortillas and ground beef in your home, you can easily make the tasty taco cups within half an hour. Shredded lettuce, lots of cheddar, cherry tomatoes, and taco seasoning make the taste double. Both your kids and their friends will adore these tiny taco cups.

Mac And Cheese Bombs For Kid’s Potluck

Why don’t you give a makeover to the traditional mac and cheese? Prepare them like you have been doing till now. Now make balls out of them and coat with some breadcrumbs and fry them till golden brown. Pack the tiffin box of your kiddo with the bombs along with some tomato ketchup.

Cupcakes With Hat

Make the cupcakes based on the theme of Harry Potter. Yes! You heard it right. Give the cupcakes a cute look by adding one slice of Oreo on the top and garnish them with chocolate chips. Kids will go crazy for them.

Lunch Kebabs

The name is a little innovative, right? So does the dish. If you serve the lunch on a stick, the kiddos will never refuse to have them. You only need 15 minutes to make lunch if you have everything at home. For the deli ham stick, you need yellow cheddar cut into cubes, deli ham, square pieces of white bread, lettuce, and pickles. 

To make the turkey club, you need cooked bacon, deli turkey, cherry tomatoes, avocado cubes, lettuce, cubed Colby jack, and square bread pieces. You can also make the salami lunch stick by using salami, cucumber slices, Romaine, cubed string cheese, and squared French bread. You can make any of the stick as you want, or you can make all three and serve.

Beach Parfaits For Kid’s Potluck

If your kids have parties by the side of any pool or at the beach, then the beach parfaits will be excellent options. By using graham crackers, white chocolate, cold milk, pudding mix, and teddy Grahams, you can prepare the delicious parfaits. Garnish them with flower sprinkles and lifesaver gummies to attract the kids.

What Should I Bring To A Kid’s Potluck
What Should I Bring To A Kid’s Potluck

Fruit Wands

Combine fruits and marshmallows to prepare the tasty magic wands. Give a fantastic finish to the kebab stick by attaching a melon star at the end.

Chocolate Crackles

Kids love chocolate in any form. So who not make some chocolate crackles for them? It is easy and tasty.

Jello For Kid’s Potluck

Give the jelly a colorful makeover by adding rainbow colors. Or you can add whipped cream to it to make it all the more attractive.

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