Vital Wheat Gluten: Important Things To Know

Vital Wheat Gluten: Important Things To Know

Vital wheat gluten is nothing but regular wheat flour but with extra gluten. It is also known as wheat protein as well as wheat gluten.

First, hydrate the wheat flour to trigger the gluten. After that, process it to get rid of everything but the gluten.

Thus, the plain wheat flour has both starch and gluten; whereas the wheat gluten consists of only gluten. The primary ingredient of wheat meat or Seitan is this vital gluten.

Vital Wheat Gluten: Important Things To Know
Vital Wheat Gluten: Important Things To Know

What Is Seitan – Vital Wheat Gluten

Seitan is the excellent substitute of meat that appeared in the Asian cuisine in the 6th century. Mix the vital wheat gluten with water and spices to make the dough. Now, either bake it or steam it or boil it. The dough turns out to be chewy just like the meat. Now, it became Seitan, and it is immensely popular among vegans all over the world.

How To Use Vital Wheat Gluten?

It has several uses. For example, it works very well for binding. If you are making burgers with chickpeas or mushrooms, you can use the wheat protein to give them proper shape. Besides, mix them with your low protein flours to add the apt chewiness to the bread. Or you can enhance the texture of crumbs using this wheat protein.

Where Will You Get It?

The majority of the health stores have this wheat protein in the section of the baking items. Or you can get them quickly online.

How Long Can You Use It?

If you store the packet in cold place in unopened condition, you can keep it for almost ten long years. However, if you have opened it, you need to consume it within six months. By keeping the opened packet in the freezer, you can increase its shelf life by six months more.

Who Can Have It?

As the wheat protein contains 100% gluten, it is not at all safe for the people with gluten intolerance as well as celiac disease. For such people, it is wise to opt for the wheat and Seitan that are entirely free of gluten.

Vital Wheat Gluten: Important Things To Know
Vital Wheat Gluten: Important Things To Know

Advantages Of Wheat Gluten

It has several advantages. So, before opting for it, you should know about them.

  • If you are vegetarian or vegan, you need to consume lots of proteins, and this wheat gluten can fulfill your protein requirement.
  • This is a rich source of different minerals, like iron and selenium.
  • It is low in carbs and fats. So, people watching their weight can have it.
  • It is free of soy. So, if you are allergic to soy or soy products, you can have wheat gluten.
  • You can prepare it with ease. It is hassle-free and versatile.

Vital Wheat Gluten Disadvantages

Though the wheat protein has so many benefits, it does have a few cons as well.

  • It is made after processing many times. So, this highly processed item may not be suitable for your health.
  • It can have an adverse effect on your gut.
  • Gluten allergic people can’t have it.
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