Top 2 Recipes Of Gluten Free Desserts Portland

gluten free desserts portland

Portland has its own set of pastries and cakes that makes it the number one destination for amazing desserts. However, nowadays people with sweet teeth are growing conscious and choosing their dessert selectively. Gluten is becoming an obstacle for people who love desserts as it causes bloating, severe intestinal diseases, and diarrhea. Therefore we have brought two delicious dessert recipes that are absolutely free from gluten. Check these out so that you can bake them the next time you have sweet cravings.

Gluten Free Desserts Portland: Easy Berry Cobbler

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You will need two tablespoons organic granulated sugar, one-fourth teaspoon ground cinnamon, one bag of Gluten-free White cake mix, eleven by two cups of non-dairy milk, one-fourth cup safflower oil, canola or melted coconut oil, one teaspoon pure almond extract, or two teaspoons pure vanilla extract and six rounded cups fresh or frozen and not thawed raspberry, blackberries or blueberries.

Gluten-Free Desserts Portland: Instructions

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To make this dessert you have to preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Next, you have to grease a glass or ceramic baking dish. Take a small dish and mix together cinnamon and sugar. Once that is done in a bowl put the cake mix, milk, and oil and beat it until the paste is smooth. Put the mix into the baking dish and add blueberries and blackberries and lightly press them inside.

Once inside, sprinkle some cinnamon sugar mix and put it into the over that was put to preheat. Heat it for one hour and ten minutes and your cake is ready. Cool it down and serve it to your guests.

Gluten-Free Desserts Portland: Vegan Chocolate Cake

You will need one and a half cup of gluten-free flour blend regular and one cup of organic cane sugar, half cup of cocoa powder, one teaspoon baking soda, half teaspoon salt, half cup organic canola oil, one teaspoon vanilla, one teaspoon white teaspoon, one cup cold water, three-fourth cup mini diary-free chocolate chips and confectioner’s sugar for dusting.

To bake this delightful cake, preheat the oven to three hundred and fifty degrees. Making efforts to remove lumps, mix the dry ingredients and take a separate bowl. In that add the wet ingredients like organic canola oil, vanilla, vinegar, and water. Start mixing the ingredients with your hand and slowly add the chocolate chips. Once the batter is smoothly mixed put it on a Pyrex dish and bake at three hundred and fifty degrees for thirty minutes straight. Once it gets ready you can sprinkle dry sugar power and serve it to your guests.


In summation to the above-mentioned article, these two recipes are worth investing in. Both of them are absolutely gluten-free and healthy to satiate your taste buds. They are easy to bake and can serve a lot of people at one go.

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