Low Calorie Gluten Free Snacks That Are A Must Try

low calorie gluten free snacks

For a beginner to a gluten free diet, it is essential to know all kinds of meats, fruits, fish and vegetables, etc. are completely safe and gluten free. But wait are you aware of the snacks? Here you might get a little confused and not decide whether snacks are gluten free or not. However, these days many low calorie gluten free snacks are available in the market that you may opt for. Mentioned below are some gluten free snacks that you may try at home.

Cheesy Crackers As Kids’ Favorite Low Calorie Gluten Free Snacks

Gluten Free

No matter whether you are a kid or an adult, everyone loves to have mini cheese crackers. Trying its homemade version is absolutely no bad idea. By doing so you can assure that it is completely gluten free. You can prepare this with the help of butter, cheddar cheese, sea salt, gluten free flour, etc. It is immensely easy to prepare and all you need are some pantry staples.

Ice Creams Cones Making Your Ice Cream Gluten Free

Gluten Free

To prepare your favorite ice cream as low calorie gluten free snacks you will need to make the cones gluten free. For this, you will just need some gluten free ingredients and enjoy the classic taste of sugary ice cream cones. The actual work of preparing the cones is done by your batter; the smoother your batter, the better your cones will be. Try to make the cones before the batter gets cool or else it may break and stiffen.

Try Hummus And Cucumber Sandwich As Low Calorie Gluten Free Snacks

Made up of sesame seeds and ground chickpeas, hummus can be considered a nutritious as well as protein-rich food item that you can add to your snacks. You can get gluten free hummus that is premade from any of the supermarkets. You may try mini sandwiches made up of hummus and cucumber. You just need to cut around and thick slices of cucumber and spread hummus on it. You may also add another slice on the hummus top if you want.  

Try Combination Of Granola And Yogurt Parfait 

To make these low calorie gluten free snacks, all you need to do is place alternative layers of yogurt with any fruit. Further, you may give a topping of granola that will also be gluten free. You can also use nuts and seeds to enhance its appearance and taste. You may make use of honey also. It is a go-to idea for yummy and healthy snacks on a relaxing weekend.


Eating gluten free can keep you away from any celiac disease. Also, these simple and healthy snacks can help you to lose weight as these are low calorie snack recipes. You don’t need to compromise with your taste and get the pinch of the flavor and taste of your favorite snacks but they will stay gluten free.

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