Know Why Are Bananas Healthy If Used As An Ingredient In A Healthy Banana Dessert

healthy banana desserts

Everyone loves desserts, and it requires a lot of hard work to create a delicious dessert out of this substance. Here, we are talking about bananas – bananas have many health benefits, and we consume them regularly to keep us fit. But, what if we use bananas to create some healthy banana dessert at home and start our day with a special taste of healthiness. We have come up with some best and famous healthy banana desserts ideas that you can try at home with some quickly available ingredients. But, before we process, let’s see what makes the banana most healthy: 

  • Bananas moderate blood sugar levels and incorporate many nutrients.
  • Eating a healthy banana dessert will improve your digestive system. 
  • It will make you feel more fuller and support heart health. 
  • Powerful antioxidants will aid weight loss. 
  • Bananas increase the happiness hormone level in the body. 

All of the benefits in a single banana! Let’s take a look at them and know we can turn the taste of Bananas into a healthy banana dessert. 

Healthy Banana Desserts ideas – Make Your Day Special With A Taste Of Healthiness

Take A Cookie Sheet And Roast Bananas

Banana Dessert

When you heat a banana, it brings out the natural sweetness of the banana. So, when you roast the bananas and sprinkle some dark chocolate, salted coconut serum and pistachios will give you the ultimate taste of a healthy banana dessert. 

Try Banana Truffle 

Banana Dessert

Try combining bananas, peanut butter, and dark chocolate to create a frozen and healthy banana dessert. You can also try a frozen banana sandwich using the same ingredients. 

No-Bake Pie – Use Banana 

No-bake pies are best because they are easy to make and can be considered a good option for serving your guests. You can make the no-bake by using banana as the main ingredient and serve your children a healthy and sweet snack in the evening. 

Make A Nice Cream Out Of Bananas – Ice Cream 

You can try fruit-based ice cream using bananas for your children at your home. The process results in a super healthy nice cream, not an ice cream, because they have extra added sugar and are considered bad for health. 

Banana Sushi – Healthy Banana Desserts 

A fan of traditional Japanese food? Well, try sushi in your style using a banana. You will prepare sushi and add a coat of banana with nut butter, hemp seeds, and cinnamon. 


Turning a banana into a wholesome, healthy banana dessert is a tough but worth doing process. You can try all of the above or any one of the above healthy banana dessert ideas at your home and share your experience! 

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