How To Frost A Cake Using An Icing Smoother?

How To Frost A Cake Using An Icing Smoother?

Cakes are a favorite of almost everyone. From kids to adults, everyone enjoys a cupcake. Many people have a hobby of baking cakes at home. Baking is an art and requires a lot of patience. You need all the measurements correct in order to make a moist and tasty cake. It is not easy to do all the baking and decorations perfect. You need the exact amount of everything and knowledge to make a beautiful and tasty cake. However, the strict part of baking a cake is icing the buttercream on it.

Height Adjustable Cake Scraper / Smoother

Baking needs a lot of concentration than any other recipes. It is as hard as rocket science to some people. However, if you have the passion and interest in baking, you can prosper in the field. It needs a lot of attention as well as ingredients. Baking is incomplete without adding different external flavors to the body. Different cakes have different icings and taste pretty yummy due to the frosting. However, there are a lot of people who find it difficult to ice the cake properly.

While applying the icing, one tends to put extra pressure and break the cake. However, this cake scrapper is one of the best icing smoother, which will make your work easier. Let’s know more about it.

Using Paddle Attachment For Mixture

A paddle attachment is a tool with which one can mix different batters. The preparation of icing needs a lot of blending too. It helps in blending the mixture and makes it smooth. The smooth texture of the tool helps to spread batter over the cake evenly and with much ease.

Icing Smoother: Try Using Half And Half Cream

While making the batter of the icing, some people mix the cream as a whole. It creates a lot of mess and takes much longer than usual. You should distribute the cream into two halves. The first half is mixed with the best ingredients. When the batter is smooth enough, add the second half. It doesn’t take much longer and makes the better super easy to apply with this smoother.

Icing Smoother: Don’t Beat The Buttercream Too High

The buttercream one uses for making the icing mixes before spreading onto the cake. The mixing speed must be low. It will release all the nutrients and make the cream lose. The cream should be sticky in order to be the perfect icing.

Use A Flat Rubber Spatula

A flat spatula acts like an icing smoother and helps in spreading the icing evenly. I’m the process will be much easier if the spatula is of rubber. The rubber material helps the spatula to be flexible. It helps the proper spreading of the cream and the icing, making the ideal cake.


These were the few ways one can improve their icing skills. Baking is a fun process and needs much attention than the rest of the dishes. However, a cake is incomplete without proper application of icing. The icing is the main ingredient which once applied by this product makes the cake look beautiful and tasty.

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