Gluten-Free Foods List For A Healthy Lifestyle

Gluten Free Foods For A Healthy Lifestyle

Gluten is a protein group from multiple grains sources. Wheat, barley, rye, farina, couscous, semolina, graham flour, spelt and triticale are grains with an enormous amount of gluten. Many people suffer from gluten intolerance. Therefore, for this category of persons, this element can damage the small intestine leading to celiac disease. Also, some people try to follow a gluten-free diet to meet certain fitness goals. In such situations, switching to gluten-free foods is a must.

Under these circumstances, it’s very difficult to know which food to eat and which ones to avoid. Therefore, it’s better to consult a nutritionist. Here is a list of food products that contain zero gluten. You will also find in it some foods to avoid. So, you can easily follow this food list to stay fit and active for a long time.

Gluten-Free Whole Grains

To avoid gluten-rich grains is not the only solution. Some grains are processed in the same facility where the gluten-rich grains are handled. This can create cross-contamination. Hence, you need to ensure that the grains you acquire are certified gluten-free. Here is a list of some gluten-free foods in grains :

Brown rice

Wild rice










Food products prepared with these grains are safe and healthy. However, you have to completely give up eating wheat in all its varieties. Furthermore, barley, triticale, semolina and rye must be blacklisted from your food chart. While buying oats, check the label to be sure that it is certified as a zero-gluten product.

Gluten Free Foods For A Healthy Lifestyle
Gluten Free Foods For A Healthy Lifestyle

Fruits And Vegetables

Almost all fruits and vegetables are safe as gluten-free foods. However, you need to avoid processed fruits. Canned and processed fruits contain juices that have gluten, but some others can be gluten-free. Furthermore, dried fruits that are plain and unprocessed are also gluten-free. Sometimes, frozen fruits may have gluten when flavorings or sauces are added.

Gluten Free Proteins

Some plants and most of the Animal sources of protein are naturally gluten-free. These are : 

Legumes (lentils, peas, beans, peanuts)

Nuts and seeds

Poultry (chicken, turkey)

Red meat (beef, pork, lamb)

Soy food (tofu, tempeh etc.)

Seafood (fish, shellfish, scallops)

The above protein sources are absolutely safe when eaten fresh. However, sometimes these are prepared along with soy sauce, vinegar and flour to add flavor. Adding these ingredients contaminate the dish with gluten. Therefore, you need to be sure before eating any preparation. Processed meat like meatballs contain gluten and must be avoided.

Gluten Free Foods For A Healthy Lifestyle
Gluten Free Foods For A Healthy Lifestyle

Other Gluten-Free Foods

Dairy products are usually safe and gluten-free. Nevertheless, malted milk drinks, processed cheese and flavored yogurts must be kept away, as they contain gluten. Oils, butter and ghee are the sources of fat and gluten-free. Most beverages like water, coffee, tea, juices, energy drinks, soda and distilled liquors have no gluten. However, beers, lagers, ales, wine cooler and non distilled liquors have gluten. Despite the fact that almost all kinds of sauces have gluten, some of them such as distilled vinegar, tamari and coconut amino are exceptions with no gluten. Therefore, avoid sauces and processed food completely, as it will be most beneficial for your diet plan.

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