Gluten-Free Diet: What To Eat and What To Avoid -

Gluten-Free Diet: What To Eat and What To Avoid

Gluten Free Diet: What To Eat and What To Avoid

Gluten, a specific protein group present in multiple grains can cause health hazards to certain people. You can mostly find this compound in wheat, rye, barley, semolina and some other popular grains. However, it is not harmful to all. Some persons have gluten intolerance or sensitivity. Therefore, such problems need proper treatment. This is the reason why doctors suggest a specific diet program. However, if those people try to avoid it, their problems can lead to celiac disease or damage of the small intestine. Therefore, for persons who already have this disease, a specific diet plan is mandatory. A nutritionist can guide you better in suggesting proper foods. Here is a recommendation that our experts propose.

Gluten-Free Diet Plan

The damage in the small intestine heals when patients eat proper foods. Hence, a strict program will help you to recover faster. Diet plans are made according to your BMI or body mass index. Moreover, it calculates how much calories you need in a day. This one is no exception. Based on your body requirements, the nutritionist will plan the meals. Therefore, every meal you eat will definitely be of certified products. So, let us learn which food you can eat or avoid when you start this program.

Gluten Free Diet: What To Eat and What To Avoid
Gluten Free Diet: What To Eat and What To Avoid

What To Avoid?

As already noted, you need to strictly avoid specific grains. Wheat, semolina, barley, rye, farina, couscous, graham flour and triticale contain a high amount of gluten. Therefore, you must avoid foods out of these products. For instance, some common wheat food products are bread, pasta and pizzas. While purchasing oats, make sure that they are not processed in the same facility where wheat is. In such cases, there is a high chance of contamination. Furthermore, you have to avoid soups, processed meat and processed cheese. You also need to avoid liquors like beers, lagers, ales and wine cooler that fall under the same category.

Gluten Free Diet: What To Eat and What To Avoid
Gluten Free Diet: What To Eat and What To Avoid

What To Eat?

Whole grains like brown rice, wild rice, quinoa, millet, oats, tapioca and arrowroot are gluten-free. Secondly, all fruits and vegetables are safe except for processed fruits. Canned fruits can be contaminated if sauces and spices are added for flavor. Thirdly, almost all animal sources of proteins like seafood, beef, pork, lamb and poultry are safe. Fourthly, food products except for malted milk drinks, processed cheese and flavored yogurts are absolutely safe. At last, you also need to avoid sauces except for distilled vinegar, tamari and coconut amino. To sum up, avoiding processed food along with specific grains must be your foremost priority.

Health Benefits

When a non-celiac gluten sensitive person starts following this program, it will eliminate the chances of further health attacks. However, for people with celiac disease, this program will help the intestine to heal properly. The signs and symptoms of celiac disease will automatically vanish when the healing starts. In all such cases, this plan is for the whole life. Therefore, when someone stops this program at a point and starts eating wrong foods again, the problems relapse. This can lead to severe damage and certain diseases like hair loss, osteoporosis, anemia, intestine lymphoma and adenocarcinoma of certain organs.

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