Gluten Free Diet Planner Tips You Should Know

Gluten Free Diet Planner

Gluten is a protein that is commonly found in grains like rye, barley, and wheat. Unfortunately, many people feel nausea and uncomfortable after consuming food that contains gluten protein. The resulting severe reaction might be because of celiac disease; this is where the intestine is damaged. It is considered an autoimmune disorder where the body hurts itself. This disease effect is observed in every 1% of the population. If gluten makes you feel uncomfortable, it is better to consult a doctor as there are other diseases, too, caused due to gluten consumption like gluten ataxia, wheat allergy, and non-celiac gluten sensitivity. To overcome these health issues, you are recommended to follow a gluten free diet.

Gluten Free Diet Plan

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Restriction for the consumption of gluten is a gluten free diet when a few of the food dishes you consume everyday are replaced with better protein food to improve your health and cure the health disorder. The gluten free diet plan should be followed for better and effective results of your health chart. Here are some foods which are the main source of gluten that to be completely avoided, wheat barn, wheat flour, barley, rye, triticale, malt, brewer’s yeast. Here are some foods with little gluten content in them, bread, pasta, cereals, baked goods-cookies, cakes, muffins, pizzas, etc., snack foods, sauces, beverages-beer, alcohol, etc. The easiest way to avoid gluten is to eat unprocessed foods, single-ingredient foods.

Foods Naturally Gluten Free

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There are various food sources which are delicious and are called a naturally gluten free diet. They are meats and fish, eggs, dairy- plain milk, plain yogurt and cheese, fruits, and green vegetables. Grains- Corn, rice, millets, arrowroot, and oats, etc., starches and flours- potatoes, potato flour, cornflour, soy flour, almond flour, etc, nuts and seeds, all herbs and spices. It is always preferred to check the ingredients chart before you purchase and beverage to eat a gluten free diet.

Gluten Free Diet for a Week

This is a gluten free diet plan which is favorable for consumption, irrespective of ages and weight. All the food sources in this diet plan will be easily available at any marts in your house premises.

Day 1

Breakfast – Ragi dosa, skimmed milk, boiled egg white.

Mid-morning- 4 almonds, one pear.

Lunch- steamed brown rice, cucumber salad, moong daal.

Evening snack – buttermilk, sprouts one bowl.

Dinner- brown rice pulao, sprouts Rita.

Day 2

Breakfast- Millet vermicelli, sambar 1 bowl.

Mid-morning- Apple 1, walnuts 4.

Lunch- Jowar roti, paneer sabzi, vegetable salad.

Evening snack- Tea with less sugar, pumpkin seeds.

Dinner- Grilled chicken, tomato soup, quinoa pulao.

Day 3

Breakfast- Vegetable poha, skimmed milk, pudina chutney.

Mid-morning- pear, five almonds.

Lunch- Besan roti, chole curry, curd.

Evening snack- Green tea, popcorn.

Dinner- palak soup, paneer onion capsicum bajji.

Day 4

Breakfast- any preparation with a white egg, pudina chutney, skimmed milk.

Mid-morning- apple, walnuts 4.

Lunch- nachni roti, besan curry, curd.

Evening snack- buttermilk, pumpkin seeds.

Dinner- besan-methi Parata, millet kichadi.

Day 5

Breakfast- dal idli, fruit juice.

Mid-morning- any fruit, four almonds.

Lunch- multigrain roti, palak panner.

Evening snack- buttermilk, sprouts.

Dinner- grilled pepper chicken, brown rice pulao.

Day 6

Breakfast- mung dal chilla, banana, skimmed milk.

Mid-morning- pear, walnut.

Lunch- jawar roti, tomato salad, beans sprout salad.

Evening snack- green tea, popcorn.

Dinner- palak brown rice, sprouts Rita.

Day 7

Breakfast- mung dal chilla, boiled egg, skimmed milk.

Mid-morning- fruits.

Lunch-tomato onion salad, paneer sabzi, curd.

Evening snack- green tea, pumpkin seeds.

The dinner-besan methi paratha, low-fat cucumber salad.


The gluten free diet is a true health beneficial diet where it helps for proper digestion, reduces chronic inflammation, which occurs due to celiac disease, boosts energy, helps in weight loss. So, by following a proper gluten free diet, you can overcome the health disorders, and once you get rid of the diseases, you can gradually add up the food sources which contain gluten.

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