Gluten Free Desserts – How To Find Delicious And Healthy Free Recipes For Summer

gluten free summer desserts

Unfortunately, there are very few desserts that meet this criteria. Summer desserts for those on a gluten free diet typically lack one or more of the following essential ingredients: sugar, yeast, vinegar, dates, fruits, raisins, spices, or vinegar (and sometimes sugar substitutes). In fact, there are only two real food items that are considered gluten free during the summertime – muffins and chocolate chip cookies.

Make Your Own Gluten Free Versions

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Fortunately for those who love desserts, you can often make your own gluten free versions of popular traditional desserts with ingredients available at any grocery store. One of the most popular choices is a basic apple pie. There are literally hundreds of recipes available online and in cookbooks dedicated to the gluten-free diet. If you’re trying to decide on a particular recipe, remember that brown sugar is an ingredient found in many dessert recipes; if you can’t identify it in the ingredients list, it may be gluten free.

A good substitute for refined sugar is brown rice flour. It has more texture than flour made from whole grains and doesn’t have as many calories. Brown rice flour is also available at health food stores.

Xanthan Gum

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Another alternative for flour is xanthan gum. It’s commonly used as a sweetener in baked goods, especially cookies. Xanthan gum can also be purchased in powder form at gourmet supermarkets. It replaces the natural sweetness of sugar. However, it’s important to be cautious when using xanthan gum because it can cause a chemical reaction in some people that can affect their ability to metabolize sugar.

Fruit Juice

Another good choice for a dessert is fruit juice. One variety that’s gaining in popularity is the lemon, which is high in citric acid. Lemons can be incorporated into a variety of recipes and are very low in calories. Fruit juices can also be a healthy addition to your diet, because they contain a reasonable amount of calories. The acidic in fruit juices can stimulate the body to produce more enzymes, which helps the body process and eliminate waste products. This is why fruits are considered a healthy choice to make a dessert.

Several Options For Desserts

There are several options for desserts that you can make without any gluten. For example, you can make a chocolate pudding with organic raw cacao and coconut oil, or even a fruit salad with apples, banana slices and raw cacao. Another good idea is to make a chocolate fudge sauce for any kind of chocolate cake, or even a banana split. You can also make a “fudgy” frosting for a layer cake or dessert by mixing peanut butter and yogurt or milk.

Final Words

There are many delicious desserts that you can find that are free of gluten, and you should be able to find something delicious that you and your guests will love. Summer is a great time for eating gluten free foods because most of them are served at room temperature (although you do have a few exceptions). If you plan on making a number of these kinds of desserts throughout the summer, make sure you take into account that they may not withstand high temperatures and will likely spoil. However, the effort will be well worth it when you have the opportunity to enjoy delicious gluten free desserts.

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