Everything You Need To Know About Celiac Disease

Everything You Need To Know About Celiac Disease

Celiac disease is an autoimmune problem that occurs in people genetically. Researches prove that 1 out of every 100 people across the globe are affected by this problem. The sole reason for this autoimmune disease is gluten, a protein group. This protein group is found in a certain kind of food, mostly grains. Therefore, if you are aware of this disease and want to know about the symptoms, diagnosis process and treatment, here you go. This article provides every information related to this autoimmune disease. It also gives you a diet plan to overcome it.

Common Symptoms Of Celiac Disease

Though the symptoms vary depending upon individuals, the most common symptoms are :

Abdominal pain





Joint pain

Weight Loss





Skin rash

There are more uncommon symptoms as well. In children, growth problem is a major symptom of this autoimmune disease. Therefore, a gluten-free diet will improve growth gradually and treat problems. Some persons also have watery eyes and breathing trouble when they eat wheat products. This suggests that they are intolerant to wheat. Furthermore, they need to check whether they have other signs and symptoms of this autoimmune disease.

Everything You Need To Know About Celiac Disease
Everything You Need To Know About Celiac Disease

The Diagnosis Process of Celiac Disease

Usually, the doctor suggests some blood tests to see the presence of antibodies against gluten. Endoscopy or biopsy also helps to diagnose the condition of small intestine damages due to celiac. Therefore, these tests help to identify patients and their condition as well. On the other hand, certain food habit and diet plan help to control the celiac disease. Once a patient is out of the danger zone and starts eating gluten, problems may arise all over again. Hence, doctors recommend a gluten-free diet plan for the whole life.

Can Medications Help?

Unfortunately, there is no medicine that can help you to overcome the celiac disease. Scientists are always researching specific medication for the celiac problem, but it has not been discovered yet. Therefore, The only way to treat this autoimmune disease is gluten-free food. If a patient stops eating gluten completely, it will heal the intestine problems. Gradually, all the symptoms will vanish after a certain time. However, further intake of gluten will be injurious as the problems will relapse. So, let us know about the diet plan accordingly.

Everything You Need To Know About Celiac Disease
Everything You Need To Know About Celiac Disease

Gluten-Free Diet Plan

Any diet program you follow will be based on calories. By calculating your body mass index, the diet will be planned according to the amount of calories you require. Therefore, this diet follows the same method. Hence, you need to consult a dietitian to follow this routine. A gluten-free diet contains foods that have zero gluten. For breakfast, you can have gluten-free bread, poultry products and fruits. Oats are also allowed when it is labeled as gluten-free. All the sources of animal protein are safe to eat as they do not contain gluten. Fruits, vegetables and dairy products are also safe. You need to avoid sauces, soups, semolina, wheat, rye, barley and most importantly processed food. This diet plan will help you to overcome celiac disease if followed seriously.

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