Delicious Recipes For Diets That Have Less Calories

low calorie desserts under 100 calories

Low calorie desserts are easy to make, both from scratch and from ready made mixes at restaurants. You don’t have to starve yourself to enjoy delicious desserts in moderation. A quick visit to your local health food store or an online nutrition site will give you a good idea of what is available. There are so many delicious flavours that you are sure to find one to suit your tastes and budget. From low calorie and low fat ice cream to decadent fudge, there are dozens of alternatives to reduce calorie consumption.

Delicious Diet Recipes

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Delicious low calorie desserts under 100 calories can take several forms. Of course, maintaining delicious desserts under a low calorie limit limits only limits your choices slightly but not by much! Cool, refreshing and sweet, a cool, delicious and low calorie sorbet is ideal for a cool summer day! Try frozen fruit sorbet, carrot and celery sorbet, lemon sorbet, or summer fruit sorbet, all with under 100 calories.

For an even greater selection of delicious low calorie desserts under 100 calories, try an online nutrition site. Not only will you be able to check out tasty recipes from some of the world’s most talented cooks, you’ll also find tips and advice about how to keep your desserts low calorie, as well as how to do less of them by spending less time freezing time in the summer. Spend an hour cooking simple dinners and appetizers using low calorie ice cream, and then spend another half hour or so freezing time in the summer. Your dessert will be delicious, low calorie and time saving.

Another great way to avoid under serving calories is to make your own dessert mix. This doesn’t require any mixing at all and can save you a lot of time. Check out some of the bonus ideas in the bonus menu below. Bonus ideas for making your own dessert mix include using bananas, apples, or whatever fruit is on hand, instead of sugar, in place of sugar. You can also omit the vanilla from a recipe and use cinnamon or cardamom instead. Freezable frozen yogurt will also be a great addition to any recipe for low calorie desserts under 100 calories and will not take much time out of your busy schedule.

Even if you’re just trying to cut calories and eliminate sugar and other unhealthy ingredients, it’s still important to read labels and choose carefully. Some high calorie ingredients are good, like agave nectar, but other ingredients are bad, like hydrogenated oils or polyunsaturated fats. Even though some of the ingredients sound good, many low calorie desserts under 100 calories are actually made with fillers like sugar, vanilla, or food colorings, which are really not healthy. If in doubt, double check the ingredients.

Look for freezable frozen yogurt in all its delicious flavor variations. The most popular varieties include yogurt that’s low calorie and has a low calories per serving, as well as one-fourth cup low calorie frozen yogurt. Another bonus with these recipes is that you can make them quickly, in five minutes or less. Freezable yogurt freezes well, so you don’t have to make multiple servings, and you can make several at once without having to wait.

Use low calorie ingredients that add flavor without excessive calories. For example, instead of adding heavy cream in your recipe, try a simple sugar-free whipped cream or a plain yogurt with fresh fruit. Also, you’ll find that many recipes call for eggs in order to rise, so look for recipes that contain only raw eggs or remove them altogether. Using low-fat milk and cream will also help you reduce your serving size, and will reduce the amount of time it takes to make this dessert.

End Note

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If you want to make a quick breakfast, here’s a great recipe for you. Breakfast is always a popular choice, and when you prepare this delicious recipe, you’ll be able to wake up and dive right into your favorite oatmeal. This breakfast is easy to throw together and is a wonderful way to start off your day, especially if you’re feeling run down. It includes a easy to make granola cereal, some fresh fruit slices, and two cups of skim milk. This breakfast will give you the energy you need to hit the gym or do some other strength-training activity, and will not have any of those empty calories to worry about. For a low calorie dessert, you won’t go too far wrong with this delicious recipe.

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