Cupcake Mold Silicone Material

Do you love baking and gorge on the delicious cupcakes? Does that old metallic cupcake mold platter give you a headache every time you think of baking your favorite cupcakes? And sometimes, the disposal paper cups destroy some portion of the cupcakes.

Cupcake Mold Silicone Material

Cupcake Mold Silicone Material
Cupcake Mold Silicone Material

Forget all the hassle and bake with Cupcake Mold Silicone Material. Well, that appears to be a piece of good news for the cupcake bakers. These cupcake molds are, made from the best quality food-grade silicone. And it is a fantastic substitute for ages-old disposable baking cups made out of paper. The silicone molds are, convenient to use and provide a comfortable and clean way of baking cupcakes, muffins, etc. without the fear of getting deformed or over-baked products. The shape of the molds resembles the small cups. And, its size is perfect round that makes savoring mouth-watering cupcakes freshly baked from the microwave.


The silicone cupcake mold can be, used for making cupcakes, muffins, jellies, chocolates, finger foods, etc. They are available in eye-catching six colors like yellow, pink, orange, green, purple, and blue to give a pleasing look. Thus, you have the option to choose from these eye-catching six colors. A single pack of attractive mold comes with 12 silicone mold. Thus, it is enough for baking a single batch of cupcakes in the microwave — the approx. Height of 1.4 inches, top diameter of 2.7 inches. And, bottom width of 1.8 inches is the standard size of these cupcake molds.

Benefits Of Cupcake Mold Silicone Material

Quality material: The best quality food-grade silicone used in the manufacturing of these molds produce perfectly round shaped cupcakes every time.
Durability and flexibility: The cupcake mold is incredibly durable and flexible due to silicon yet soft that leaves no scope of getting breakage, leakage, or destroying the shape of the cupcakes. Hence, this product is durable and flexible.
Heat resistance: Since the silicone material molds are, made from the most delicate quality silicone. Thus, they are resistant to heat and does not get burnt while baking.

Saves Cost: Unlike paper molds that are, disposed of after a single use, the cupcake molds have no shelf life and go on and on for so long.
Easy to use: The mold needs no extra care while baking as is, required in case of paper cups. Thus, this product is easy to use and dishwasher safe for cleaning without leaving any stain or odor.
Re-usable: The silicone material mold can be, used repeatedly without disposing of. Thus, you can re-use this product.
Rust-free: The absence of metal in the mold makes them free from rust or corrosion. It is a general problem faced by aluminum and other metallic mold trays.


Just pour the batter in the cupcakes, put them in the microwave and relish the deliciously baked cupcakes that are, ready to satisfy your taste-bud. However, the mold can also be, used for various other purposes like serving jellies, brownies, pies, finger foods, etc. It is an ideal gifting item for friends and family members who love baking. Experiment with Cupcake molds by making DIY candles, bath bombs, snack containers for kids, etc. Hence, you can enjoy baking cupcakes.

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