Carb Free Foods – Low Carb Gluten Free Snacks to Keep Your Energy Up

low carb gluten free snacks

When you are on a diet to lose weight, you often have to choose between eating healthy and low carb foods. The old temptation is there: eat something that will make you feel good, but won’t affect your weight loss. There is another side effect of diets: most people also give up their favorite high-sugar, high-calorie snacks, thinking that they’ll be unable to continue. This is where low carb snacks come in. Just because the name says “low”, doesn’t mean that you can’t eat all the cookies and cake you like!

Low Carb Gluten-Free Snacks

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With today’s market offering a wide variety of low carb snack options, the old idea of what’s bad for you no longer holds true. In fact, you can eat just as much of these products as you like. You just might need to adjust your snacking habits. Since you are reducing your carb intake, this also means you’ll need less “free sugars” in your diet. These are natural sugars produced by the body from carbohydrates. They are commonly found in processed and prepared foods, even “low carb”.

When shopping for snacks that are low in these carbs, you’ll need to check the ingredients list to see what the carbs are. It’s best to avoid any snack which includes flour, potatoes, rice or other grains. Even these refined carbs found in things like white bread aren’t free of carbs. Just learn to identify the carbs in what you’re trying to prepare.

As you make selections, remember that some of the lowest carb snacks are flavored chips. These include potato chips (which aren’t technically “low carb”), chocolate chip fries, and cheese fries. You can typically eat a half cup of one of these flavored chips (in the flavor of your choice) with about two ounces of skim milk or one-half cup of water. You will still be able to feel full without being burdened with a high calorie.

Most people who follow a gluten free diet don’t care for nuts at all, so these are out as well. There are no substitute choices in snacks for those who want to have a good carb snack between meals. If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas, look around the house. For example, you may already have celery in a drawer, or may know someone who has a jar of instant popcorn handy.

For breads and crackers, use skim milk instead of whole. If you can find them in the pastries section, consider using low carb chocolate chips. To find good carbs found in meats, simply cut up pieces of lean ground beef or chicken and mash them into a paste. This makes a wonderful gluten free snack for dinner.

To avoid any carbs in the pantry, consider making your own low carb snacks. This would involve using some potatoes and a few bell peppers, as well as spices like oregano, basil and cayenne pepper to spice things up. You could also add a layer of low carb rice or noodles on top to make things a bit more interesting. If you really enjoy vegetables, try roasting a few carrots or celery sticks with olive oil. If you’re not much of a gourmet cook, use a blender to puree your veggies. It’ll be a great tasting treat!

End Note

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Gluten free snacks are only part of the challenge when you are living with a gluten allergy. To completely avoid them, plan your meals so that you never eat out. The kitchen is a big one at that point and it’s hard to avoid things like pizza and pasta. However, you can get amazing meals on your own, so make sure you check out other recipes for low carb gluten free snacks!

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